Wedding photography – Giulia & Yassine – London

Wedding photography – Giulia & Yassine – London



I was delighted to hear when Giulia and Yassine decided to get married, Giulia has a great taste and I knew that everything would have looked very special. Their civil ceremony was held at Tower Hamlets registry office, East London, and both got ready at home in canary Wharf- different floors:)

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We started off taking some getting ready shots of the future bride and groom and then did a quick stop in Canary Wharf on the way to the ceremony, as that is one of their favourite location.

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wedding photography canary wharf

wedding photography canary wharf

It was a lovely ceremony, Giulia accompanied by her dad and Yassine by his sister, we were really lucky with the weather so we used the garden at Tower Hamlets for some group shots right after the ceremony.

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Giulia and Yassine picked a Gordon Ramsey Restaurant along the river Thames for their wedding breakfast, such a stunning location, we took some amazing romantic shots there. Just outside The Narrow , only couple of minutes walk there is a marina which was a perfect spot for us, followed by the terrace just outside the restaurant, which we used for some photos with family and friends.

G&Y_208-2 G&Y_207-2
















This last shot was one of my favourite of the day, right outside the restaurant, the . newly weds walking hand in hand…

Wedding photography – Cain Manor- Amanda&Barry

Before I tell you about the wedding photos of Amanda and Barry let’s go back a little.

engagement photos


I was introduced to Amanda & Barry from Caroline & Gareth (we photographed their wedding in Italy last May) – and I was glad I met them as they are really a fantastic couple. We had our pre wedding photoshoot, which was a family portrait photoshoot because Amanda and Barry have a beautiful daughter called Summer.

We went to Wimbledon Park and was a lovely sunny day, Summer enjoyed very much and was happy to have pictures taken even while she was having fun in the playground.



family portraits wimbledon





Amanda and Barry got married in a beautiful venue, Cain Manor in Surrey. Again we were very lucky with the weather, a cold but sunny day. Amanda got ready in her room with her mum and sister Julie who was the made of honour; three little bridesmaids were too cute I could not resist in taking so many pictures of them.



wedding photography surrey










wedding photography surrey


The ceremony was intense and I guess I wasn’t the only one with tears in my eyes, Amanda looked stunning in her princess style dress and little Summer was too  sweet with her white dress with brown petals. I could catch her looking at mummy and daddy promising forever love to each other and was one of my favourite shots f the day.













Gareth was the perfect toastmaster, speeches were fun and lots of laughing, The first dance was very romantic and again I could catch Summer dancing on her own and this is one gets on my A list of the day too:)


wedding photography london

I wish Amanda & Barry the best future together and that all their dreams will come true!

Neverland Stagione 2011 – Matrimonio di Katherine & Edward – Londra


Eccoci qui ad aprire una nuova stagione di matrimoni!

Con l’inizio della primavera Neverland riparte alla grande con il primo matrimonio del 2011 a Londra, il matrimonio di Kat & Edward è stato splendido nella sua semplicità. Dopo una pioggia primaverile al mattina la giornata si è aperta e il sole è arrivato ad illuminare i volti dei due sposi. Ci siamo trovati fuori dal palazzo del comune di Westminster a Londra e appena arrivata ho notato i primi due ospiti in attesa degli sposi. Ed eccoli poi arrivare dopo qualche minuto con Astrid seduta sul passeggino, la loro bellissima bimba di 18 mesi, con l’espressione imbronciata di chi vuole fare una passeggiata con i suoi piedini! Kat era smagliante ed emozionata, Edward un po’ piu contenuto ma emozionato anche lui. Inizio a fotografare ancora di prima di avergli stretto la mano! Ogni momento è cosi importante e bello da ricordare- anche quando Kat si è tolta le ballerine per mettere le scarpe da cerimonia sulla scalinata all’aperto- tipica tradizione inglese!!- finche si era in attesa degli sposi Frankie giocava a Pick-a-boo- con Astrid e l’ufficiale di stato civile spiegava lo svolgimento della cerimonia. La sala prenotata era quella gialla al primo piano, una stanza accogliente e calda con un bel camino al centro.

La melodia con cui Kat e Edward sono entrati era un pezzo classico, il preferito di Kat.


La cerimonia si è svolta tra la commozione degli ospiti e Astrid che puntava il ditino dicendo- papa papà- verso lo sposo!

All’uscita abbiamo preso un taxi e ci siamo diretti all’ Hotel Dorchester dove abbiamo fatto qualche scatto di fronte all’hotel e seduti a tavola e poi ho salutato gli sposi facendo gli auguri piu cari e invidiando quel momento di meravigliosa sensazione seduti al tavolo l’uno di fianco all’altra, ma questa volta marito e moglie!





Here we are to open the new wedding season of weddings!

With Spring at the doors Neverland start with all  energies the first wedding this year, the Wedding of Kat and Edward was beautiful in his simplicity. After a rainy morning the sun came through to illuminate the faces our bride and groom! We met outside The Westminster registry office and here they are coming with smily faces and Astrid sat in her pram, their pretty  18 months old daughter with a grumpy expression on her face, I’m sure she just wanted to go for a walk on her own!!!

Kat was smiling to everybody she seemed full of energy and very excited!! She had a beautiful white short dress and matching flower and handbag. Edward was happy as well but more discrete.

I started taking pictures even before shaking their hands! Every moment is so important and they’ll want to remember every minute of their day!

Even when Kat took off her shoes in the middle of the pavement to swap them with the lovely wedding shoes she had, it was very funny! While we were waiting for them to get ready Frankie was playing pick-a-boo with Astrid and the registrar was explaining how the ceremony would have be done. The room they had was the yellow room, warm and cozy with a fireplace in the middle of the room.

The song that Kat had chosen to walk with Edward in the room was her favourite piece of classic music.

The ceremony was moving and Astrid was pointing her finger towards Edward saying Daddy, daddy!!

After the ceremony we had  a few pictures outside on the stairs and then we got a taxi to The Dorchester where Kat and Edward were having their refreshment with their friends. We took some pictures outside the Hotel, some at the table and then I left wishing them a lovely meal and feeling envy for that amazing and unforgettable feeling of being sitting together on that table for the first time as husband and wife!!