Wedding photography – Fitzleroi Barn – Sean & Helen

Wedding photography – Fitzleroi Barn – Sean & Helen

Wedding photography Surrey

Wedding photography Surrey

I was so delighted when Sean and Helen asked me to photograph their wedding in Surrey last May; I have known Sean for few years after meeting him at the business group 7amonth in Putney and being working as volunteer and event photographer for the charity he works for: Back Up Trust .



We had so much fun during our pre-wedding session in Claygate, where Sean and Helen are based, with her lovely daughter Lyra, little teddy bear, how can you not fall in love with her!



Helen and Sean picked a very beautiful venue for their wedding, set in stunning Surrey called: Fitzleroi Barn, and decided to get ready near by, just to be closer to the location. As usual I went to the groom first and then to the bride to do some getting ready shots followed by the bride’s arrival at the venue.



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WeddingH&S_042-2 WeddingH&S_069-2 WeddingH&S_089-2

We had such a fantastic sunny day, perfect to enjoy the outdoor drinks and the venue set in the Surrey countryside. The lovely flower composition and the bouquet are by lovely Fabienne Egger in Claygate and the video who kept me company through the day was Chris at, we had lot of fun recording such a great day.

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Wedding Photography in Surrey – Abbi & Gil – Chilworth

Wedding Photography in Surrey – Abbi & Gil – Chilworth


I was really looking forward to the wedding of Abbi & Gil after the pre wedding session we did in Streatham , I met Abigail thanks to her dad, we both go to the same business group in Putney called 7amonth. We got so lucky with the weather on their wedding day, a lovely sunny Winter day, the 19th of December 2015! Gil got ready with his family and best man in Ripley while Abigail got ready at her parents house in Shalford, with her sisters Flo and Phoebe and best friend Katie.

Wedding Photography Surrey

Wedding Photography Surrey

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Wedding Photography Chilworth

Wedding Photography Chilworth

They got married in the beautiful Benedectine Monastery in Chilworth which we’ve never been before, such a stunning peaceful location in the countryside. The reception was the held in the grounds of Abigail’s parents House, in Shalford.

Wedding photography Surrey

Wedding photography Surrey

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Festival Foxes by Linda Scuizzato Photographer

Festival Foxes by Linda Scuizzato Photographer

The band that Abbi & Gil has chosen was called Festival Foxes and it was simply amazing, I shall keep them in my mind for all future weddings, so much fun!

Pre wedding – Abbi & Gil – Rookery Park

Pre wedding – Abbi & Gil – Rookery Park


I was delighted when Simon from my business group 7amonth  told me that his daughter Abigail was getting married in December and so looking for a wedding photographer. I love Winter weddings!A&G-2 A&G-8 wedding-photographer-shalford

Abigail is a very sweet girl, engaged to Gil, they have known each other since University and been together for very long time. The first couple getting married of their group of friends – I expect it to be so much fun! Abbi proposed to do their pre wedding photos at the Rookery and Streatham Common, near where she and Gil are based, and it was a great idea, I have never been in that area of London and it’s really nice, especially with Autumn colours.

engagement-photos-streathamA&G-7 A&G-4 wedding-photography-streatham

I enjoy doing engagement sessions, it’s very important to get to know each other before the wedding day, getting to know a bit about how they got together, their story, how the wedding day is going to be etc. Knowing the future bride and groom before hand help both the couple and us to be able of getting more relaxed portraits of them during their big day, one of the most important days of their lives:)


After the session we went to a lovely pub for a pint and chat about all details and anything that can be useful for us to know before the day. I spent a very nice afternoon with Abbi & Gil and know looking forward to their wedding day!

Photography by Linda Scuizzato


Portrait Photography – Tower Bridge – Valeria & Phil

Portraits photography in Valentine’s period is one of my favourite moments of the year. There is this atmosphere in the air like you are surrounded by people in love and red heart shape cushions, red candles, heart shaped chocolate boxes…how can you not thing of having some stunning portrait photography taken in this magic city?  We were looking through all those happy faces on Facebook, cheking at the most in love ones to choose for our Valentine’s Romance photoshoot, and the smily picture of Valeria and Phil came up. There we go, this is one of our Neverland romance’s couple!

portrait photography

Engagement photos london


We met on Millennium bridge, took some shots by the Tate Modern and from there we walked up to Tower bridge, at one point I saw this artist playing the saxophone and I couldn’ t resist to catch this shot of Valeria & Phil dancing, one of my favourite!

Even though is was cold outside these images taken by Tower Bridge with one of the most famous bridge in the world in the background made my job just so easy.



I met Valeria on a hen photoshoot for one of her friends that was getting married and I remember I loved her bright personality. I was keen to meet Phil as well, they have been together three years and I’m glad I could catch these amazing memories of them in London.

Asian Wedding photography – Windsor – Arfan & Hana

Asian wedding photography is always fascinating for me.

On the 8th October I had the pleasure to photograph the Asian Wedding of Arfan and Hana at the Savill Court Hotel in Windsor.
asian wedding photography

Thanks to my friend Ryan, amazing videographer from , I had the contact of Arfan & Hana to photograph their wedding in Windsor, London. I met the future bride and groom a couple of weeks before the big day and glad they really liked the album design of one of the latest Asian weddings I shot this year: Imy and Zanib at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London. Arfan and Hana have been together for 6 years and they decided to organize a last minute wedding as Arfan’s parents had to leave for a year to be with grandparents for a while.








Hana and Arfan got married at Weybridge registry office first and then went to the Savill Hotel for the second part of the ceremony. Hana is Moroccan and Arfan is Muslim so they had two separate ceremony, Hana in her room first and then Arfan in front of all the guests. At the end Hana joined Arfan on the stage and this is when the wedding breakfast started too.img_7217












Engagement photoshoot – Wimbledon Park- Kathryn and Stuart

Engagement photoshoot with Kath and Stuart was supposed to be on the Saturday, but having looked outside my windows I called up Stuart and ask if he and Kathryn would be available to have their pre-wedding session on the Sunday, which was supposed to be a sunny day! Luckily they were available so we met at 11 am at the car park of Wimbledon Park  to finally meet in person after a few e-mails and phone calls. We were both glad we changed the date as on Sunday was a beautiful sunny day, perfect to go for a walk and get to know each other.


engagement photoshoot

portrait photos wimbledon



Kathryn and Stuart were supposed to get married in Surrey next April but they had to move the wedding to a future date and they will now probably get married in Vancouver. I’d love to do another engagement photoshoot in Canada followed by wedding photography but is probably going to be a little too far. Although I wish one day to be able to go and visit as it must be an amazing location. They are a lovely couple and I wish them good luck in organizing their future dream wedding.


Wedding photography – Cain Manor- Amanda&Barry

Before I tell you about the wedding photos of Amanda and Barry let’s go back a little.

engagement photos


I was introduced to Amanda & Barry from Caroline & Gareth (we photographed their wedding in Italy last May) – and I was glad I met them as they are really a fantastic couple. We had our pre wedding photoshoot, which was a family portrait photoshoot because Amanda and Barry have a beautiful daughter called Summer.

We went to Wimbledon Park and was a lovely sunny day, Summer enjoyed very much and was happy to have pictures taken even while she was having fun in the playground.



family portraits wimbledon





Amanda and Barry got married in a beautiful venue, Cain Manor in Surrey. Again we were very lucky with the weather, a cold but sunny day. Amanda got ready in her room with her mum and sister Julie who was the made of honour; three little bridesmaids were too cute I could not resist in taking so many pictures of them.



wedding photography surrey










wedding photography surrey


The ceremony was intense and I guess I wasn’t the only one with tears in my eyes, Amanda looked stunning in her princess style dress and little Summer was too  sweet with her white dress with brown petals. I could catch her looking at mummy and daddy promising forever love to each other and was one of my favourite shots f the day.













Gareth was the perfect toastmaster, speeches were fun and lots of laughing, The first dance was very romantic and again I could catch Summer dancing on her own and this is one gets on my A list of the day too:)


wedding photography london

I wish Amanda & Barry the best future together and that all their dreams will come true!