Family Photographer – Wimbledon – Vicky, Paul, Grace and Ruby

Family Photographer – Wimbledon – Vicky, Paul, Grace and Ruby


Our lovely Vicky took on the Neverland Photography special offer for Fathers’ day and bought a location session in Wimbledon Common for her family- husband Paul, daughter Grace and doggy Ruby! First of all we love the common and second we love Pets!



family-photographer-wimbledonMuirFamily13-2Grace is a very sweet girl at the beginning she was a bit shy like most the children in front of the camera but then she was happy – especially knowing she was going to have the biggest ice cream of her choice after the session!-

family-photographer-wimbledon MuirFamily24-2 MuirFamily35-2Vicky asked if she could bring along their 9 months puppy Ruby and we said – of course! – we love pets and they are part of the family, so pets are always welcome to be part of the session as well! It was a lovely sunny day, bit windy but not too hot and not too cold so we had a nice our outdoor in the Common and some fun shots of our happy family together- always nice memories:)

Pet & Family Portraits – Wimbledon – Storm and her family

Pet & Family Portraits – Wimbledon – Storm and her family


I met Stacy and Pete at Frankie and Oliver’s wedding last June in Somerset, Pete is Frankie’s Brother married to the lovely Stacy who was also the bride’s very professional hairdresser:).

pet-dog-portraits-wimbledon vale-3 vale-5

Stacy is the owner of two hairdresser salon in North West London, called Zipandas Hair, and so being both into Wedding business we decided to meet up for a chat over a coffee a couple of weeks ago. After chatting for a little while Stacy showed me some shots of her beloved doggy Storm, and of course I told her about my beloved bunnies and so chatting and talking we ended up booking a pet location session for her her husband Pete and Storm!

dogs-portraits-southfields-wimbledon vale-6

Location sessions in Autumn are my favourite of all year and I wish I could do them for months! I love the colours and the warmth of the light, it is simply perfect…We went to Wimbledon Common first followed by some lovely shots at Cannizaro Park which I am very fond of. Storm was very excited and her fair looked so shiny with the sunlight enchanting her white coat:)

vale-7 pet-photography-wimbledon



A nudo per Amore – Enpa Project – Vicenza, Italy

A nudo per Amore – Enpa Project – Vicenza, Italy


As most of you know at Neverland Photography we love pets and support animal welfare. A year ago Enpa Vicenza, proposed me an amazing project to raise money for our dog shelter in Vicenza, which is always in needs of funds to take care of abandoned dogs. I was honoured to be asked for it and ended up making some very special new friends and sharing really deep emotions while working with all the volunteers that took part of A Nudo per Amore, which means Naked for Love.


Lucky enough, a very important and well known stylist, Elisabetta Franchi based in Bologna, decided to support our project and helped us to make it happen! Her brand is famous internationally and Elisabetta is also know for her love for animals: the first employer who allows her employee to adopt the dog hospitality programme that means bring their pets to work with them, can you image? Simply amazing. Elisabetta also agrees with the Fur Free Retailer Program that puts together compassionate retailers who have taken a stand against fur and help create a fur free society.

charityproject-photography-pets-lovepets-enpaI am so proud of our project, I really wish this will bring more awareness and help improving the conditions of our dogs in Vicenza, the city where I come from. Thank you all for sharing:)

Twickenham – Pet Photography – Phoebe

Twickenham – Pet Photography – Phoebe


As most of you know at Neverland Photography WE LOVE PETS! And how can we not when you find yourself taking portraits of the sweetest ever little Cavachon puppy Phoebe?!

pet-portraits-london-twickenhamsouthfileds-pet-photography-londonEmma invited me to her lovely home in Twickenham to have some portraits taken of her new puppy Phoebe, only 8 weeks old: she was so excited to see me! We took some lovely shots of her playing in the garden, she was a little clumsy in the cutest way, so soft and happy just to be there in our company.



Her cat Poppy wasn’t really interested  in playing with Phoebe who was chasing her around the garden, until Poppy jumped on top of the Shed and disappear in the neighbours garden! Emma and I had a tea at the end of the session and Phoebe sat next to Emma until she ended up asleep like a baby.

cute-pet-portraits-londonAnd that was the last shot of the day:)

Southfields – Pet Photography – Piper

Southfields – Pet Photography – Piper


After photographing the fantastic wedding of Caroline and Gareth in Italy a couple of years ago here we are again, with a big news: as you all know, WE LOVE PETS! How delighted I was when Caroline, my stylist friend told me there was a new arrival in the house: her name is Piper and we all love her! The family is getting bigger, as Caroline and Gareth already have 2 beautiful cats- no kids yet- and so with Piper the family gets to 5 members!


pet-portrait-photography-wimbledonWe did our first session with Piper and her family at our Neverland Photography Studio in Southfields, she started smelling around the studio and then waited patiently to be photograph with her mummy and daddy.

pet-photography-wandsworth IMG_8043bn

She was brilliant and I realized how much she loves her daddy during the session, she spent most of the time following him around the studio and liking his face! Daddy’s girl!


Pet photography- Southfields – Erica, Tao and Leo

Pet photography- Southfields – Erica, Tao and Leo



IMG_7600As most of you know, we LOVE PETS! Our studio always welcome your pets as part of the family. Yesterday we took some lovely portraits of Erica and her two cats, Tao and Leo.

IMG_7561 pet-portraits-london-southfields-wimbledonWe are happy to photograph pets either indoor at our studio, or coming to your home or on location like Cannizaro Park, Wimbledon Park or Richmond Park, especially to take natural portraits of dogs is nice be outdoor.

IMG_7628e pet-studio-portraits-photographyPhotographing pets is not an easy task, although is not more difficult than photographing toddlers sometimes! You need to have patience, time and to be real quick to catch them:)

Pet Photography – Vicenza- Marta & Mela

A life companion doesn’t have to be human…When Marta arrived at the studio I asked: and who’s this? And she said: Is my Husband! Actually those sweet eye old dog is called MELA, which means Apple! Is was just an incredible session of pet photography.


Un compagno di vita non deve per forza essere un umano, puoi essere un amico peloso, che è amico, compagno e silenzioso custode. Da amore senza chiederlo in cambio e è sempre li per noi, per una coccola, una carezza, una corsa. Per anni e anni, come un vero e proprio amico, marito, compagno. Ecco cos’è Mela per Marta. Ho davvero amato questo servizio fotografico e sono lieta di vedere che l’amore che fotografo tra esseri umani è  lo stesso che puo’ esserci tra una persona e il suo animaletto.

Alla prossima!

Pet photography London – Our Beloved Bunnies – Pancy & Booster

Are you looking for Pet photography in London? Contact Neverland Photography!

What about our beloved pets? How important is their role for our lives? They are good friends, keep us company, just sit there and be there for us always. I guess they deserve to have nice portraits too:) These are Pancy & Booster, we got them from Furry Friends Animal Rescue and since then it has been a new adventure. These two little brothers really are too cute and we love them very much.

Pet photography london


If you’d like to have some beautiful portrait of your cat, dog, bunny please get in touch, we’d love to photograph them.