Southfields Family Photographer – Little Emelia and her family

Little Emelia and her family

baby-portraits-soutfieldsHere is our little beautiful Emelia, only a few months old our baby has the most beautiful blue eyes like her daddy! Hayley bought one of our special offer Xmas Voucher and decided to have her family and baby portraits done at the end of January.

family-photographer-southfields BirksFB01 BirksFB02

Such a good girl, she never complained when mummy Hayley changed her or when she was cuddled by her daddy, Emelia was just complaining a bit after our studio session in Southfields when we went to take some outdoor shots in Wimbledon Park: it was very windy and our little baby was all wrapped up in a outdoor bear baby suit!

BirksFB07 BirksFB06 family-portraits-southfields-wandsworthportrait-photographer-southfiields BirksFB09 BirksFB10One of my favourite shots is the one of Hayley kissing little Emelia by the lake in Wimbledon park, such a sweet image of mother and daughter, our little baby was almost asleep by then and very cute in her little bear star outifit. Not many people around us at that time of the day but I do love that lake in Winter, is fascinating!

Famly Portraits in Southfields – Beth, Paul, Rory and Ben

Famly Portraits in Southfields – Beth, Paul, Rory and Ben
We had so much fun at the session with Rory and Ben at our studio in Southfields, even though we had previously taken photos of Rory and St Michael’s church playgroup we didn’t know how much fun he could be!

family-portraits-southfields Jardine22-2 Jardine44-2

Beth and Paul bought one of our special offer Xmas vouchers after our Wimbledon Xmas market  and they decided to use it as family portraits so they could use some images as gift for the grandparents.

family-portraits-stmichaels-southfields Jardine23-2 Jardine24-2 Jardine30-2 Jardine33-2One of our favourite is the one of Rory “melting” on Paul’s chest, really did make us laugh for a while, and of course the one of Ben trying to scare Rory who looks like – I am definitely not scared I will get away really fast!!!

Family Portraits in Southfields – Sabrina, Rob & Luca

Family Portraits in Southfields – Sabrina, Rob & Luca


It is always a pleasure taking photos of friends, and especially if the friend is the the proud Grandad of such a beautiful half Italian and half English baby! Will decided to get a photo session for Xmas to his son Rob and partner Sabrina and their baby Luca, what a fun hour! Luca is just stunning:)


Luca26 baby-portraits-southfieldsWe did a first session at Will’s house when Luca younger but he wasn’t in his best mood and so three months later here he is, a little model, all smiles to everyone, sat wherever we put him without complaining, some portraits with mummy, some with daddy and some with his Auntie Rachel and Dan.

Luca36 baby-portraits-southfields familyy-portraits-southfields

Our favourite shot is the one with the fox hat on sat on the floor with that big smile on his face, just wanted to give him a cuddle! Well done little boy:)