Portraits in WImbledon Park – Jo jo and Ali

Portraits in WImbledon Park – Jo jo and Ali

portraits-portfolio-wimbledonThis week I did a lovely location session with Jo jo and her mum Ali in Wimbledon Park, just down the road from our studio in Southfields . Ali had a gift voucher from the raffle we offered to Back Up a few month ago, and her daughter Jo jo decided to have some nice portraits done on location.

family-photographer-wimbledon jojo51-2We were so lucky with the weather, it was the perfect Autumn afternoon, with a beautiful light enchanting Jo jo’ s beautiful blonde hair.  She is a dancer studying at college, and we did the session as it was half term so Jo jo had some free time.

headshots-portfolio-wimbledon jojo15-2 jojo37-2 jojo42-2



Jo jo is such a lovely girl and working really hard to fulfil her dream to become a dancer, I wish her all the best for the future:)

Pet & Family Portraits – Wimbledon – Storm and her family

Pet & Family Portraits – Wimbledon – Storm and her family


I met Stacy and Pete at Frankie and Oliver’s wedding last June in Somerset, Pete is Frankie’s Brother married to the lovely Stacy who was also the bride’s very professional hairdresser:).

pet-dog-portraits-wimbledon vale-3 vale-5

Stacy is the owner of two hairdresser salon in North West London, called Zipandas Hair, and so being both into Wedding business we decided to meet up for a chat over a coffee a couple of weeks ago. After chatting for a little while Stacy showed me some shots of her beloved doggy Storm, and of course I told her about my beloved bunnies and so chatting and talking we ended up booking a pet location session for her her husband Pete and Storm!

dogs-portraits-southfields-wimbledon vale-6

Location sessions in Autumn are my favourite of all year and I wish I could do them for months! I love the colours and the warmth of the light, it is simply perfect…We went to Wimbledon Common first followed by some lovely shots at Cannizaro Park which I am very fond of. Storm was very excited and her fair looked so shiny with the sunlight enchanting her white coat:)

vale-7 pet-photography-wimbledon



Pre wedding – Wimbledon Common – Martine & Bruno

Pre wedding – Wimbledon Common – Martine & Bruno


I met Martine and Bruno at Love Wimbledon Market  last Xmas, they bought a voucher for themselves as pre wedding session even though they are getting married in South Africa next year. They are a lovely couple, Martine is from South Africa and Bruno  is from Portugal, they live in Wimbledon so we decided to have some fun shots in the area where they live at the moment as memory.

wedding-photographer-wimbledon-neverland-photography E&T-16 E&T-27It was a lovely and windy day but we managed without our coats on:) we still had yellow flowers on the ground which Martine loved and we therefore used as our background, one of her favourite shot is actually the last one this page with our couple kissing surrounded by flowers:)

neverland-photography-linda-scuizzato-portrait-photographer E&T-34 E&T-39 E&T-45

Good Luck to Martine and Bruno, I wish I could photograph their wedding in South Africa, you never know!!

Portrait Photography – Wimbledon – Kirsty, Taz and Adam

Portrait Photography – Wimbledon – Kirsty, Taz and Adam


Time has gone since this lovely session I forgot to tell you about! It was simply the perfect day and Kirsty and Taz proposed to go to Wimbledon Common to take some family photos before they moved out of our beloved home.

family-portraits-wimbledon Finch03 Finch12 Finch22We love location session with families, kids have fun and they are free to wander around without worrying of posing for the camera, Adam was really curios of what was going on around him and checking ducks and swans in the pond:)

family-photographer-wimbledon-neverland-photography Finch52 Finch57Kirsty and Taz are now moving out of Wimbledon so they wanted some lovely memories of them with Adam where they used to walk all the time, and spending their Sunday afternoon between a walk and a coffee, what a lovely idea:)

Wedding photography – Jersey – Ellie and Simon

Wedding photography – Jersey – Ellie and Simon

neverlandphotography-wedding-jerseyI was really looking forward to the wedding of Ellie and Simon, having met them in July for their pre wedding session in Rozel Bay, near their local pub, and had such a good time, I couldn’t wait for their big day.

wedding-photographer-jersey Boris-2 Boris-3 Boris-5 Boris-6As usual we when to take some shots of Simon at the Rozel, in good company of his best man and friends with a pint in his hands waiting to join his guests at the Fab Rozel Manor for his wedding ceremony.

vintage-wedding-neverlandphotography-jersey Boris-9 Boris-10 Boris-11 Boris-12 Boris-13

Our lovely bride Ellie got ready at her parents’house with her sister Nadine and Leonie and cute flower girl Mollie and page boy George.

wedding-photography-jersey Boris-15 Boris-16 Boris-17 Boris-18 Boris-19The ceremony was held at the very old fashion St Ann’s Church within the Manor followed by a stunning marquee on the ground near by the church. Ellie looked so happy and we had much fun taking photos of her and Simon and their guests while having canapes and some music in the garden.

marquee-solutions-jersey Boris-22 Boris-23

neverlandphotography-wedding-photographer-jersey Boris-25 Boris-26Boris-28 Boris-29 Boris-30 Boris-31We took our romantic shots on the grounds by the Manor and then had our speeches and dancing in the Marquee, was a great day and wish Ellie and Simon the best future together!

wedding-photographer-jersey Boris-33 Boris-34 Boris-35 Boris-37 Boris-38

Family Photographer – Southfields- Suman, Ian and Theo

Family Photographer – Southfields- Suman, Ian and Theo



This is a session that we did a month ago of lovely Suman, Ian and their little Theo. This baby was too cute and gave us lots of smiles during our studio session in Southfields.

neverland-photography-baby-portraits-southfields Hughes36 Hughes45He loved being in the pot and cuddle up with his daddy, he also started giggling when mummy Suman played with him lying on the floor on her back having him to fly up in the air!

family-photographer-southfields-london Hughes44Our favourite one is the one of Theo in his very smart outfit all set to go to a wedding the following day, def the cutest baby of the day:)


Wedding Photography – Chelsea Town Hall- Chiu-Yee & Andrew

Wedding Photography – Chelsea Town Hall– Chiu-Yee & Andrew


We loved the wedding of Chiu-Yee and Andrew in London! We met with Chiu-Yee at the Chosen Wedding Show held in the lovely Chelsea Town Hall last Spring. Our lovely  couple decided to go for an Afternoon Tea wedding, which was a very special experience.

neverland-photography-vintage-weddings C&A-2 C&A-3 C&A-4 C&A-6 C&A-7 C&A-8 C&A-9

We went to take some preparation shots at the bride’s house in Chiswick followed by some of the groom waiting for her just outside Chelsea Tow Hall.

wedding-photographer-chelsea-kings-road C&A-11 C&A-12 C&A-13 C&A-14 C&A-15 C&A-16-2 C&A-17 C&A-19 C&A-20 C&A-21

After our confetti and fun group shots we went to St Luke’s Gardens just down the road from the registry office for our romantic shots, followed by a lovely walk on Albert Bridge, that is my favourite bridge in London:)

neverland-photography-wedding-photos- C&A-23 C&A-24 C&A-25-2 C&A-26 C&A-27 C&A-28 C&A-30-2 C&A-32

We then went for the afternoon the Radisson Blue Edwardian Vanderbilt where a lovely wedding cake by Cakes by Robin was waiting for us to be cut and eaten!

wedding-photographer-london C&A-34 C&A-36

cakesbyrobin-wedding-cake C&A-37We had a lovely time and wish our newly weds all the happiness they deserve!

Wedding Photography – Warren House – Becky and Oliver

Wedding Photography – Warren House – Becky and Oliver


We met Becky and Oliver at the wedding show that was held at Warren House last March, we fell in love with the location which is absolutely stunning, the perfect venue for a wedding. As usual we met our lovely couple before the wedding for few months before the big day, and because Becky and Oli have a little son called Austin, we did half session as pre -wedding and half as family portraits!

wedding-photographer-kingston B&O-2 B&O-3We were delighted to know that Becky and Oliver have decided to use Warren House for their wedding, convenient for us at Neverland Photography  just down the road from the venue and the perfect backdrop for a wedding. We went first to take some shots of Becky getting ready with her bridesmaids Gemma,  Amanda and her mum, followed by some of Oli and his dad, best man Tom and ushers.

B&O-4 wedding-warren-house-kingston

warren-house-wedding-photography B&O-7 B&O-8 B&O-9 B&O-11 B&O-12 B&O-13 B&O-14 B&O-15 B&O-16


Ceremony and reception were both held at Warren House so we had plenty of time to photograph them and their friends and family using all the spots of this lovely setting.

neverland-photography-wedding-linda-scuizzato B&O-18 B&O-19 B&O-20 B&O-21 B&O-22 B&O-23 B&O-24 B&O-26 B&O-27 B&O-28 B&O-29 B&O-30Our bride and groom had a very nice group of young friends so we enjoyed talking and taking photos or our guests as well as our couple. One of our favourite moment are always speeches as they are often fun and emotional at the same time, and we love catching our guests either laughing or crying!

wedding-photography-kingston-richmond B&O-32 B&O-33 B&O-34 B&O-36 B&O-37 B&O-38 B&O-40 B&O-41 B&O-43 B&O-44 B&O-45 B&O-49 B&O-50 B&O-51 B&O-53


Neverland Photography on Migrant Woman magazine

Neverland Photography on Migrant Woman magazine

portrait-wedding-photographer-londonI was so delighted when Mirela proposed me to be featured on her fantastic magazine, Migrant Woman. Here is the full article: http://www.migrantwoman.com/2014/10/telling-beautiful-stories-photography/  You can either read it online or buy the printed copy to keep.

Many thanks to Mirela Sula and her Migrant Woman Magazine, don’t miss out!!