Pet photography- Southfields – Erica, Tao and Leo

Pet photography- Southfields – Erica, Tao and Leo



IMG_7600As most of you know, we LOVE PETS! Our studio always welcome your pets as part of the family. Yesterday we took some lovely portraits of Erica and her two cats, Tao and Leo.

IMG_7561 pet-portraits-london-southfields-wimbledonWe are happy to photograph pets either indoor at our studio, or coming to your home or on location like Cannizaro Park, Wimbledon Park or Richmond Park, especially to take natural portraits of dogs is nice be outdoor.

IMG_7628e pet-studio-portraits-photographyPhotographing pets is not an easy task, although is not more difficult than photographing toddlers sometimes! You need to have patience, time and to be real quick to catch them:)

Wedding Photography – Wimbledon – Rebecca & Oliver

Wedding Photography – Wimbledon – Rebecca & Oliver


We met Becky and Oliver at the Wedding Fair held at beautiful  Warren House last March, at that time Becky was pregnant and we took a couple of quick shots of them on the day,  after that Becky got in touch with us to book their special day with Neverland Photography.


We decided to go for our pre wedding session at Cannizaro Park right by Cannizaro House, one of my favourite places in London.

wedding-photography-cannizaro-house IMG_6864IMG_6892 wedding-photographer-wimbledonWe did the first part of the session only with Becky and Oliver in the park and then walk down by the pond where we decided to wake up little Austin to have some lovely family portraits with him as well.

family-portraits-cannizaro-house-wimbledon IMG_6914 IMG_6943eAustin is a very good and beautiful baby, big blue eyes like mummy and daddy, he will be the perfect page boy and hopefully by September, time of the wedding, he will be able to carry the rings down the aisle .

wimbledon-family-portraits IMG_6964 IMG_6987

Cannot wait to photograph their big day now!

Wimbledon Family Photographer – Lesley and Family

Wimbledon Family Photographer – Lesley and Family

wimbledon-family-portraits Frank26 Frank37

This lovely session happened thanks to the raffle prize that was given from Neverland Photography to Wimbledon Guild. We love local and always try to support our community as it is important to help each other especially in your own area.

wimbledon-village-family-photographer Frank29 Frank46

Lesley decided she wanted to use her voucher to get some lovely portraits of her three nieces, and by the end of the shoot we ended up taking pictures of the whole family:) How could we not take some portraits of the grandparents with their beautiful nieces and each then family individually?

wimbledon-baby-portraits-photography Frank21

And of course not just the kids had fun but parents too 😉


BNI Putney – Commercial photography

BNI Putney – Commercial photography

commercial-photographer-london BNIPutney003 BNIPutney004I have been a BNI member for almost a year at the Putney Riverside group, and really enjoyed my experience within the group; we meet on Tuesdays at Carluccios In Putney, which is one of my favourite spots in London.

bni-photographer-london BNIPutney011 BNIPutney025

Coming from the river the view is incredibly beautiful, and we have our meeting in the restaurant overlooking the Thames and Putney Bridge. The first person you meet when you get inside is our visitor Host Shaun Overy  who welcome our visitors and make sure we all sign in. After that Massimo, our fantastic waiter of Carluccios will come and get your order, and he always remembers what drink you get, so make sure you choose the right one!

commercial-photographer-putneyBNIPutney079 BNIPutney084After the first half hour of networking our chapter director – at the moment is Nigel Davey – get all of us to sit around the table, to start our meeting. At the main table there are also Emma Morley and Roland Wilmans, every six months the people at the main table change to give opportunity to other members to get involved in the BNI activities.

commercial-photographer-southfields BNIPutney034BNIPutney038 BNIPutney050 BNIPutney055

Each member or visitor has 60 seconds to educate the other fellow members about his/her business and what would be the best referral for them for that week. Our group is really friendly and we have much fun during our meetings.

BNI-commercial-photographer BNIPutney068 BNIPutney092 BNIPutney097

commercial-photographer-london BNIPutney098Sandra Levinson is one of my favourite person to listen to as she describes herself as the “Bni favourite scrubber” even though you’ll never see her cleaning an awning! David Wright has his business in Replingham Road like our Neverland Photography so we often bump into each other outside Bni meetings. This also happens with Sarah Oughton who lives in Southfields as well, and we enjoy having our one to ones over a glass of red wine.


Say it all, it was a pleasure to being asked of taking pictures of my beloved group even thought wasn’t that easy portraying everyone in the most natural way… Some of our new members can’t avoid posing in front of the camera, Daniel Cockwell for example:)

BNI-putney-photographerBni is really something that makes a difference, in both business and personal way, it is a commitment and also a great pleasure.

Pre wedding Photos – Notting Hill- Barbara & Alberto

Pre wedding Photos – Notting Hill- Barbara & Alberto

wedding-notting-hill IMG_4824 IMG_4845How cool is it to get married in Italy but having your wedding session in one of the most romantic and well known places in London?  Barbara and Alberto are in fact getting married in September in beautiful Vicenza, Italy, and decided though to have a very special pre wedding session coming to London, what a great idea!

wedding-photographer-notting-hill IMG_4848

We met at Notting Hill Gate tube station and walked down Pembridge Road to get to the famous Portobello road, which was almost empty at 6pm of a Thursday evening of April, and so we could enjoy our time without having too many tourists on our background.

notting-hill-bookshopOf course we could’t avoid a shot in front of the Notting Hill Bookshop made famous by Hugh Grant starring in Notting Hill with Julia Roberts, how romantic!

wedding-photographer- notting-hill IMG_4869 IMG_4905

Notting Hill is such a great spot for photos, and I’m sure it be such a good  memory this afternoon for Barbara and Alberto. I cannot wait wait to photograph their wedding at one of my favourite location: Alla Veneziana in Longa di Schiavon, Vicenza!

Family Portraits – Southfields – Almu, David & Victoria

Family Portraits – Southfields – Almu, David & Victoria

Newborn-portraits-southfields VictoriaNewBorn16e

Almu and David decided to go for our “Watch me grow package” that include 3 sessions spread in a year, one at their home, one at the studio and one in the park. The first time I took pictures of little Victoria she was really tiny, a perfect baby doll, she was so fragile that I was scared of breaking her, so beautiful. Mummy Almu and daddy David were really sweet and we really enjoyed our first family session at their home in Guilford.

VictoriaNewBorn37eNewBorn-photography-guilfordAlmu used some of the images as X Mas card and their family back in Spain was really happy to have some pictures of little Victoria on their desk. For the second session the happy family came to our Neverland Photography Studio in Southfields, easy enough with the parking right outside our front door:)

southfields-family-photographer Victoria6m44

Victoria is now 6 months and is the most curious baby I have ever seen, with her big grey eyes checking the images on the walls,  the chairs and making sure daddy David is around to make her laugh!

southfields-baby-portraits Victoria6m46She really is a little cutie, beloved baby of mummy and daddy who only have eyes for her! I cannot wait to take pictures of her walking in the park and playing with the leaves in October…wandsworth-family-portraits


N 11 Pimlico Road – Special Kids Parties

N 11 Pimlico Road – Special Kids Parties


LScuizzato04 LScuizzato05


princesses-parties-london IMG_4393IMG_4394

If you like to have a very special party for your kid you must go to N11 Pimlico Road, and ask Sammy what are the themes and how does the room look like all decorated and set up. You will be explained that you can choose between Princess, Super Heroes and Pastel Colours and they will all look amazing!

children's-parties-chelsea LScuizzato01 LScuizzato02

Cakes, cupcakes, cookies and decorations are by Cakes by Robin accompanied by the stunning creations of Susan Leverick flowers .


If you go for the Super Heroes theme you will go for a ride on the famous Bat Mobile with your favourite super hero: the real Batman!  Or you can delight yourself going for a ride around Chelsea on a carriage with beautiful white horses.


children's-parties-chelsea IMG_4538Your kids would just love their unique party, and everything will be organized fully from the team @N11 PimlicoRoad without parents having to think  and sort out details. In the end, how can you not have lovely pictures taken as a memory of such an event, in that case Linda @ Neverland Photography will make sure that everything get properly recorded for when your kid will grow up and look back to that amazing birthday like no one else was!

girly-pricesses-parties-london IMG_4525 IMG_4532

event-photographer-chelsea LScuizzato12

Family Photo – Southfields – Kate, Stuart, Be, Amelie & Zach

Family Photo – Southfields – Kate, Stuart, Be, Amelie & Zach



I am always delighted when people recommend us and Kate’s family was in fact recommended to us from lovely Sue & John of Salt & Pepper in Southfields. I have to say it was hard to find shots that I didn’t adore of this family session, as the kids, Beatrix, Amelie and Zach are just naturally photogenic!


Zach was a little shy when he arrived but then after offering him one of our amazing cookies we could start catching some smiles:)

family-portraits-wandsworth Aitken29 Aitken36

We love having fun family portraits sessions at our studio, we have the family to bring different outfits for the kids and different props they like to have in the pictures like for Be, Amelie and Zach their scooters for example! It’s really nice to see how some family are so close and have such a good relationship ,it really makes a difference in our portraits:)

family-portraits-southfields Aitken44We splitted our session half at our studio and half at Wimbledon Park where the kids had fun running and watching the duck in the lake, but Kate was in love with the studio shots and decided to go a selection of her favourite ones taken indoor, I can see why:)


Family Portraits – Southfields – Jade, James & Hugo

Family Portraits – Southfields – Jade, James & Hugo

family-portraits-southfields J&J&H23

I was really happy when I got contacted the first time from Jade to do her new born photos of little Hugo, Jade saw our picture hanged at Salt & Pepper in Southfields, where we did our first exhibition last year. After that we photographed Hugo’s Baptism in Wimbledon,

baptism-photos-wimbledon Hugo'sBaptism_02 Hugo'sBaptism_08 Hugo'sBaptism_15 Hugo'sBaptism_39

christening-photos-wimbledon christening-photos-wimbledonLittle Hugo didn’t cry, he’s such a good baby, and much loved by his mummy and daddy. We had much fun on the day as we met the Italian side of the family of James, and of course we had opportunity to talk about our beloved country!



Jade decided to go for the “Watch me grow” package which include 3 sessions spread over a year, and tells the story of the first year of your baby. After the newborn session J&J decided to wait until little Hugo could sit up by himself for the second session so that we could actually photograph Hugo in a cappuccino cup- like Jade wanted!


And what a lovely shot, I love it! Hugo will be printed and hanged on our Neverland Photography Studio very soon!