Wedding Photograhy – Cannizzaro House – Alan and Claire

Wedding Photograhy – Cannizzaro House – Alan and Claire

Wedding-cannizzaro-houseFollowing our pre-wedding session in Wimbledon Village a few weeks ago it’s now time for a pick through the stunning wedding images of Alan and Wedding-cannizzaro-house02 Wedding-cannizzaro-house03 Wedding-cannizzaro-house04 Wedding-photographer-wimbledon

They got married at the lovely St Mary Church in Wimbledon, Alan waited for Claire with his best woman and sister Sarah, and almost got worried when Claire arrived with 20 minutes of delay 😉 W hen she arrived she looks as sweet as always, in a lace wedding dress, accompanied by her dad. I couldn’t wait to see the big red bus as it’s always lot of fun to photograph the guest on it, and so we took some fun shots outside Cannizzaro House Hotel, where Alan and Claire were going to have their wedding breakfast followed by a party with friends and family.

wedding-cannizaro-house Wedding-cannizzaro-house09 Wedding-cannizzaro-house10 Wedding-cannizzaro-house11 Wedding-cannizzaro-house12

Cannizzaro House is a beautiful venue so we had plenty of room to take some of our romantic & group shots indoor.

Wedding-photo- cannizzaro-house13 Wedding-cannizzaro-house14

wedding-cannizzaro-house Wedding-cannizzaro-house15 Wedding-cannizzaro-house16

The room was lovely as Claire had chosen an halloween theme colours and so the tables were decorated with pumpkins and bright coloured flowers.


Speeches were much fun as Sarah told us some stories about her childhood with Alan as big brother, and the evening went on too quick, time for dancing and for honeymoon in three:)

Wedding-photography-cannizzaro-house Wedding-cannizzaro-house18 Wedding-cannizzaro-house19 Wedding-cannizzaro-house20

We wish Alan and Claire an amazing future together!

Neverland Photography at Chosen Wedding Fair

Neverland Photography at Chosen Wedding Fair

Neverland-Studio-SouthfieldsHey all, following the quick opening our new studio in Southfields, which is awsome and must come and see it, more images will follow, we just like to let you know this Sunday we will be at Chelsea Town Hall for the Chosen Wedding Fair.

This is our first Wedding Fair of the Winter season and is being very well organized by Kiki and Amy. The event will run from 11 to 4 o clock, there will be many interesting things for future bride and groom so you can’t miss it!


Look forward to see you there,

Linda & the team