Wedding Photography Bristol – Helen & Wayne

Wedding Photography Bristol – Helen & Wayne, The journey begins.


Here I am driving towards Bristol, millions of memories to remind me how much I miss this city and the places I’ve been so many times…I’m driving in one of those gift day where the sky is so blue and the weather so perfect that just a day like this could be for the wedding of Helen and Wayne. Going to the bride house you never know what you can expect: everybody going crazy, or over excited or in need of advises- do I look good? – or just sometimes the most un expected silence with the bride ready even before I get there. It’s always a surprise!! I drive on top of the hill and Dave and Helen are both coming with a smile to open the gate for me! Finally I meet Helen, she’s been so kind with me and worry the last few weeks- exactly like me for my wedding ;)- and now I’m glad I’m here with her to enjoy the morning with her family and her bridesmaids.



Everybody is getting ready- hair for Leanne, then Jo and make up for Chelsea the three lovely bridesmaids, more relaxed Matt, Helen’s brother, that is trying to hide form the camera and enjoy the sunny morning! Sue offers me a coffee and she asks me to make sure I will hide her crutches in the pictures- I say I will do as better as I can!!! Dave is going out to get everybody sausage and bacon rolls to keep energies up for the day! I sit with Helen and go through the timing of the day and then she shows me that beautiful classy handmade dress which will then look perfect on her. The girls are very nice, everybody is slowly getting ready and excited. Helen does her make up at perfection and her beautiful blue eyes with long lashes stand out completely from the first picture! The bridesmaids look amazing in their gold long dresses and they all have hair up and a necklace, bracelet and hearings that Helen got them as present.

After I took some nice shots of Helen and her families and friends in the back garden I drive towards St Peters Church in Bishopsworth. There I met Wayne and the best man Billy, the ushers Dan, Matt and Adam. Wayne looks a little nervous, he smiles and welcome the guests arriving; I took some nice shots of the guys all together and some of the groom and his best man and then with his family.



Time for everybody to get inside the church and wait for the bride: and here she is with the veil over her face and holding her dad harm. The ceremony goes on and Helen and Wayne are both very happy and so much in love with each other- I love weddings- always always feel tears coming up into my eyes….After we have family pictures and confetti the Just married couple leave first with me right back to go celebrate at Winford Manor Hotel.


The hotel is just perfect for the day, warm and sunny while the guest are having a drink we take some lovely shots around the garden, in the labyrint and by the stunning window by the staircase- amazing:)  Helen and Wayne are having a marquee elegantly decorated and they still don’t know they will have a big and pleasant surprise: the Soprano Bella- the singing waiters- nobody was expecting that the waitress that was part of the catering turned out to be a great soprano singer?! That was the present from David, Helen’s dad for her and her groom. Everybody was shocked at the beginning then everybody started be part of it and singing and dancing and it was a big success!! I really enjoyed being there as I felt like part of the unforgettable day of Helen and Wayne, I’m just so glad I sometimes happen to meet such special people and share with them the deep joy of their wedding day. It had been an honour for me to be part of one of the most beautiful day of the story of Helen and Wayne…


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Elizabeth & Neil- Derby 9.04.2011


Eccomi di nuovo in partenza, questa volta per il matrimonio di Elizabeth e Neil a Derby. La giornata è splendida il cielo azzurro senza nuvole. Suono il campanello e mi apre la porta Michael con un sorriso sul volto dice “Hi Linda!” E’ sempre bello essere accolti da un sorriso; Elizabeth compare dietro le sue spalle, ci vediamo per la prima volta di persona dopo varie telefonate per definire i dettagli del grande giorno. I capelli gia raccolti e due splendidi gioiosi occhi azzurri sinceri. L’accompagno di sopra nella camera di Michael dove c’è una bella finestra a lanterna che illumina la stanza. Elizabeth si trucca da sola, ha un foglietto delle istruzioni di fronte e una serie di trucchi appoggiati sul tavolino – la zia Janet va e viene per controllare che sia tutto in ordine, Michael invece appare con frutta e una fetta di torta fatta in casa che Elizabeth non rifiuta vista la lunga giornata che la aspetta!!

Il vestito di Elizabeth con mia grande sorpresa è rosso fuoco, bellissimo! Non ho mai fotografato una sposa in abito rosso quindi sono molto contenta! Inizio a fotografare i dettagli: vestito, scarpe, gioielli tra cui l’anello della bisnonna di Elizabeth che indossera’ come una delle come vecchie. In ogni matrimonio infatti la sposa deve sempre indossare una cosa vecchia, una prestata, una nuova e qualcosa di blu! Vista la giornata quando Elizabeth indossa il vestito facciamo qualche foto in giardino con il papa Michael e la migliore amica Emma. Mi avvio poi prima della sposa alla chiesa di St John the Evangelist per fare qualche foto a Neil e al suo best man Russel- suo fratello- in attesa di Elizabeth. La chiesa ha una tante finestre quindi la luce naturale è perfetta per fotografare la cerimonia. Le letture scelte da Elizabeth sono belle in particolare The Art of a good Marriage è splendida quindi la stampero anche per me appena possibile! Fuori dalla chiesa gli ospiti lanciano confetti a Neil ed Elizabeth prima di dirigersi nella canonica per un caffe e buffet di torte fatte in casa dalla famiglia di Elizabeth. La mia preferita era la torta al limone fatta da Andrew, il fratello di Elizabeth, fantastica, appena gli sposi faranno rientro dal viaggio di nozze chiedero’ di mandarmi la ricetta!!!

Verso le quattro ci avviamo verso il Masa restaurant a Derby, un bel ristorante ricavato da un’antica chiesa sconsacrata. Per la foto di gruppo mi avvio all’ultimo piano del palazzo ma la finestra non si apre cosi devo mimare senza voce Uno, due, tre SMILE!!

Dopo una serie di risate collettive mi avvio a salutare gli sposi e augurare un buon viaggio di nozze.

Un’altra meravigliosa giornata in compagnia di belle persone e di una coppia cosi innamorata.


Here I am again ready to go for my next wedding! This time is for the wedding of Elizabeth and Neil in Derby. The day is beautiful and the sky blue with no clouds. I ring the doorbell and the father of the bride,  Michael, opens the door with a welcoming smile in his face: “Hi Linda!” Always nice to get a sincere smile at first thing when the door opens! Elizabeth is behind him, we finally meet in face to face after many phone calls to define the details of her big day. Hair up in an elegant hairdressing and beautiful joyful blue eyes. I follow Elizabeth upstairs in Michael’s bedroom where there is a big lantern shaped window the let the light through- perfect for pictures! Elizabeth is doing her own make up while auntie Janet goes up and down the stairs checking if everything it’s fine! Michael appears at the door with fruit and a piece of hand made cake the Elizabeth is glad to accept as a long and intense day is expecting her. With my big surprise the wedding dress is red, amazing! I’ve never had the pleasure to photograph a bride in her wedding dress so I’m excited today it will the first time! I start taking pictures of her jewellery and especially to the ring of her grand grand mother that she’s going to wear during the ceremony as one of the old thing.  Following the tradition on the wedding day the bride need to have something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue. After Elizabeth put her dress on we take some pictures in the garden with Michael and her very good friend Emma. After that I say “See you at the church” and I drive to St John Evangelist Church to taker some pictures of Neil and his best man Russel- his brother- waiting for Elizabeth. The church has many windows which makes it easier for me to take pictures during the ceremony. The reading chosen by the bride and groom were lovely and in particular I loved “The art of a good Marriage”- I’m going to print that out for my self as well! Outside the church Bride and Groom are covered by confetti before they leave the church to go to have refreshment in the church hall. Elizathe family has been baking for a week I’ve heard! My favourite cake was the one that Elizabeth’s brother Andrew baked: Tangy Lemon Slice: too good! I have two slices!!! I will ask for the recipe! Around 4 o clock we all leave to go at the venue Masa restaurant which is set in a beautifully converted Grade II listed Chapel. For the group shot I decide to an aerial shot from the second floor but the window does not open so I try to pantomime 1,2,3 SMILE!! Everybody was smiling and waving at the same time! And my day gets to the end, I wish the lovely couple an amazing honeymoon and I set off to get back to London.
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